Executive Summary

Hoffman Netter Entertainment bridges the gap between film/television and games.

  • We take computer and video games and develop them into movies and television series, as well as open up opportunities for video games to be developed from key Hollywood properties.

  • As creative producers, we conceptualize, write, and guide the project through the development process.

  • We plan out a creative and sales strategy. With a new property, we work to maximize the chance of a sale prior to launch. With an established property, we build upon those elements which made it a success in the first place.

  • We use our extensive relationships to match a particular property with the right talent: actors, directors, show runners, production personnel.

  • We create an environment where multiple parties bid on the property simultaneously to ensure the best possible return.

    The key to cross-media project development is to ensure everything is lined up in advance: creative, TV network or studio relationships, talent, branding & sponsorship opportunities, packaging and production resources. Working in partnership with game developers and the Hollywood community, we ensure the greatest chance of creative and strategic success.
    Inquiries: [email protected]