About Us:

Steven Hoffman is a founding member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Group and sits on the Board of Governors for the Producers Guild New Media Group. He is known to the television industry as Founder and CEO of Spiderdance, one of the leading interactive TV companies. Hoffman produced interactive TV shows with NBC, The WB, TBS, MTV, The History Channel, Game Show Network, Microsoft, Macromedia and AOLTV. Hoffman also managed the television development group at Fries Entertainment, one of the top production companies for TV movies and mini-series. His previous background includes running the game development company LavaMind, working for Sega in their Japan headquarters designing next generation games and electronic entertainment platforms, as well as designing online and interactive projects for Disney, Intel, Ad Age, Kodak, Sesame Workshop, MetLife and Athlete Direct. Hoffman holds a degree in Electrical Computer Engineering from the University of California and a Masters degree in Film & Television from USC.

Mark Netter was most recently Director of Development at Blue Planet Software, Inc., working extensively on their core Tetris brand, as well as on the Barbie license and others. He first joined the games business to produce the critically acclaimed "The Last Express" by legendary games designer Jordan "Prince of Persia" Mechner. Prior to that he worked for directors and producers on films for 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema and USA Network Features, and began his career as Music Supervisor for ABC, CBS and NBC on three different Olympic Games. Before the entertainment business, he was a flood insurance broker at Otterstedt Agency. He is a founding member of the Independent Game Developers Association's Violence in Gaming committee. Mark holds a B.A. in Semiotics from Brown University and a Masters degree in Film & Television from NYU.

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