Background Info:

Hoffman Netter Entertainment bridges the gap between traditional film/television and interactive entertainment, taking brands from one medium and translating them to another. The founders, Steven Hoffman and Mark Netter, have extensive backgrounds working in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley and bring a unique combination of experience and relationships to any project they produce.


Next-gen boxes: PS2, Xbox, Gamecube. High-powered PCs running 2 GHz or faster. Handheld and wireless devices like GameBoy Advance, Palm and Handspring, even your new cell phone. Networked computers, set-top boxes and televisions. Is it any wonder that the interactive electronic games business now grosses more annually than motion pictures?

The games industry has arrived, the major players in place, and in its unique history it has already spawned its own culture of characters, stories, brands. At the same time, games are being created and sold utilizing licensed content from film and television to an unprecedented degree.

The era of Hollywood/Silicon Valley crossover has been announced before, but this time is for keeps. And in crossing over, each industry needs more than a cursory understanding of how the other works -- an understanding we have found sorely lacking in both camps. This is where Hoffman Netter Entertainment steps in.


With a network of contacts in the film, television and games industries, Hoffman Netter Entertainment acts as a creative development entity that strategizes and positions a title before pitching. We make sure the material is presented in a way best suited for the medium, whether it is a game property being brought to television or film, or a film/TV property being brought to the gaming world.

As creative producers, we conceptualize, write, and guide the project through the development process. We find the essence of what makes a title successful in one medium and develop an approach that will translate this success to the other medium. We know how movies and television programs are bought, sold and produced. We also have extensive experience producing interactive games and entertainment. And we know what the interactive games industry values and how the production process differs there from traditional entertainment.

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